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How long can i use the DC's for?

You will receive the datacenter proxies +/- 30 minutes before drop time and you will be able to use the DC's for at least 2 hours. Read the product description to see how long the proxies last for.

What if i use the DC's and do not hit a single pair?

Sales are final, unless if the DC's do not work on our end, you will not get refunded.

What if the bot i use does not work?

When your bot does not work we do not give a refund. We only give a partial refund when the DC's are banned when given out.

What if the drop gets canceled?

We will only give a partial refund if stock gets pulled from all sites dropping.

How will i receive the proxies?

We will send the proxies by Discord or e-mail.

What delays should i run?

Do NOT go too low for sites with bot protection (FLEU = 3000ms+ & MESH 2000ms+). If you go too low you will get banned in the server and your proxies will be destroyed.

How many tasks can i run per proxy?

Run 1:1. 2:1 will result in proxy ban on most websites.

Are ALL proxies i receive unbanned?

There is a very slim chance that maybe a few proxies are banned when you receive them. This has not happened before, but is possible.

How do i receive my DC's?

We will try and contact you via Discord. If we can not find you we will send the proxies to your email.

Can i run the DC's on different sites on drop time?

Yes, but make sure you use 1:1. So when you buy 100 DC's you can for example use 50 on FLEU, 25 on Snipes and 25 on Allike.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us via Twitter or by email.